Tuesday, 18 June 2013

How To Combat Under Eye Dryness

"Eyes speak a thousand  words....." and beautiful bright eyes can make a person look charming..
However dullness and dryness around the eyes takes away the charm-no matter how attractive a person maybe otherwise.And it isn't about wrinkles,dark circles or crow's feet sometimes-its plain dryness under the eyes often associated with aging skin..Something one may commonly notice in the late twenties or early thirties..
So here are a few tips to combat under eyes dryness :

Prevention is better than cure so it is always better to take the necessary precautions beforehand.
Use good quality sunglasses with UV filters to protect yourself from solar damage - specially when stepping out in the sun between 12-4pm.
Always make it a point to keep yourself well hydrated.Drink at least 3-4 liters of  water daily.Besides good ol water,coconut water and watermelon juice are also great ways to keep yourself hydrated.
 Keep your skin well moisturised.

Firstly use an under eye cream/lotion/gel which is free from alcohol since alcohol would further dry out the skin.Also avoid harsh cleansers with alcohol/salicylic acid in the under eye area.
 Make sure you rid your skin of any pigment deposition from your mascaras or kohls.Using oil for removing the same is a good idea since it would also act as a moisturizer.

To treat the under eye dryness you make use a good under eye cream.Creams would be a better bet than lotions or gels since they being oil based will be able to hold the moisture in for a longer period.
Look for key ingredients like hyaluronic acid/lactic acid/vitamin E/linolenic acid whic are effective in combating dryness.
Amongst the natural ingredients look out for almond extracts,soy extracts,olive extracts,avocado extracts,aloe,walnut extracts.

Using oils under the eye and bed time-giving a gentle massage with your ring or little finger also helps reduce the dryness significantly-especially almond and olive oil in case of severe dryness.

Have a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids like flax seeds,salmon,walnuts and it will keep the under eye skin as well as your entire face glowing.

You may even take fish oil supplements.

Hope these tips help you in achieving a supple healthy under eye skin...