Thursday, 19 September 2013

Blistex Lip Balm Review

Hello everyone!
Today I am going to review one of my most favorite lip balm - Blistex Lip Balm. The variant which I am reviewing is the one available In India. In India it is manufactured and marketed by Elder Pharma and is available only at medical stores.

Quantity 4.25g

Price Rs 105


Moving on to the review let's see what the product claims-
Helps prevent and temporarily protects chapped, cracked or windburned lips.
Helps prevent sunburn.
Higher SPF provides more sunburn protection.

My experience with there product-
Coming from Blistex, the American lip care Specialist I was expecting a good product since I had read rave reviews about their lip balms and I must say I was not disappointed.
I purchased this lip balm in winter while my lips were really chapped and they were  burning and flaking.
I tried other lip balms and home remedies but nothing seemed to help. I spotted this lip balm at my local chemist I purchased it without a second thought and I am so happy I did..
On application the lip balm gives a cooling sensation to the lips,nothing unpleasant though. It immediately softens and moisturizes the lips.It is colorless and has a medicinal odour that fades off soon after application. The hygienic stick packaging is a plus.

It successfully kept my lips moisturized for 3-4 hours in AC environment. The best part about the lip balm was that though it doesn't claim to cure chapped lips it did heal my cracked lips when everything else had failed... It came as a savior..It is also great to wear under mat lippies.
The only con about this product is the availability as only select chemists stock it.

I am already on my second stick.

4.5/5 (-0.5 due to availability issues)

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