Thursday, 26 September 2013

Cute Easy Nail Art For Beginners

Hello everyone!
This post is about a cute, simple and easy to do nail art which each one of you can carry off without looking over the top..
This nail art has been done by a dear and creative friend of mine Dr Ashwathi.

To begin with apply a light pink nail paint as a base. A nail paint from Etude has been used here. Apply two coats of the nail paint.

Then using a white nail art cone or pen make a small white dot exactly at the center of your nail. Using a yellow nail art pen draw small petals around the white dot to make a flower at the center of the nail. That's it. You have cute and stylish nails in simple steps. Hope you liked the tutorial. 

P.S-I have not grown my nails as being a doctor I am in the habit of keeping my nails short always..Will try to grow them for future tutorials.. 

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