Thursday, 12 September 2013

Why Curd Is My Holy Grail!

I searched high and low for my set of holy grails-my HG cleanser/moisturizer/face wash/shampoo etc.  and I must admit I met with a lot of disappointments. It never struck me that my HG had been lying quietly in my refrigerator all this while. It had always been my HG only I found that out recently..Read on to find out why I call curd my all in one HG-

Curd is a wonderful source of-
·         Lactic acid – An alpha hydroxy acid that aids in the shedding of dead skin cells and increases the cell turnover. Also acts as a great moisturizer, anti tan, anti dullness, anti pigmentation and anti ageing.
·         Essential fats – Add that healthy glow and shine to hair/skin
·         Anti bacterial – Hence widely used in fighting dandruff
·         Proteins – Hence makes the hair stronger
·         Calcium – great manicures are made up of strong nails first, isn’t it?
·         B complex vitamins – reduces pigmentation
·         Essential minerals like zinc ,magnesium ,potassium all of which adds to the health of hair, skin and nails

·         Face wash/cleanser – A mixture of curd and rose water is my HG cleanser. Just massage this mixture for a minute into your skin and wash it off the way you would with your regular cleanser and watch the difference. Thanks to AHAs the skin instantly looks fresh and alive!

·         Anti blemish pack – Mix curd and lemon together and apply the mixture on the affected areas. Leave it on for at least 20min and then rinse off. The difference is visible in the first use itself and with regular usage one can see lasting results-courtesy the B  Complex and AHAs. Having freckles myself it is the only thing I trust to safely and effectively lighten the blemishes. It is also great for fading the post inflammatory acne marks.

·         Anti dandruff scalp cleanser – A pack of curd and lemon when applied to the scalp acts as a great anti dandruff due to the anti bacterial properties present in the pack .Apply all over the scalp before shampoo. Leave the pack on for 20-30min and rinse. It thoroughly cleanses the scalp and reduces dandruff.

·         Conditioner – Curd is a wonderful conditioner owing to all the essential minerals and lactic acid content.  It leaves the hair soft and smooth. I use curd as a conditioner in two ways – a mixture of curd and henna or a mixture of curd and olive oil on days when my hair feels dry and damaged. It makes the hair shiny and manageable and the results are way better than some of the expensive commercial conditioners I have used.

·         Anti acne – The zinc in the curd is great for fighting acne. Just dab some curd on the zit overnight/before bath and wash off. The inflammation and infection is greatly reduced.

·         Moisturizer – A pack of curd and honey never fails me when my skin gets dry and lifeless. The lactic acid immediately smoothens the skin and adds a healthy glow.

·         Massage cream – A mixture of curd and turmeric is my favorite massage cream in my DIY facials and enhances the complexion wonderfully.

·         Exfoliating scrub – Use curd and oats or curd and gram flour as an exfoliator and be amazed. It effectively yet mildly exfoliates and renews the skin.

·         Anti tan – being fair and having freckles I am prone to getting tanned very easily. I have used many products-commercial and DIY and have concluded that curd beats them all when it comes to de-tanning. Its quick, soothing and very effective.

·         Anti ageing – A mixture of curd and olive oil applied regularly is one of the best anti ageing packs ever. It softens dry skin , hydrates, makes the skin plump and reduces wrinkles fine lines and age spots.
So this is why curd is my all in one HG and will always be…I hope after reading this it becomes your HG too…


  1. very nice... and very useful. And me to personally like it to use as conditioner and for the anti dandruff and it really helps. Though have not tried to use it on face let me try on that as well.

    1. You must try will love the results...

  2. very informative article with all scientific reasoning. good job, keep writing. all the best...

  3. very useful article, with excellent tips on skin care. It is useful for all skin types be it dry. oily. excellent writing doc.. keep it up. - sharmishtha joshi